There are so many festivals and so many meats so why did we pick bacon to create a festival around? The answer is because bacon is the most versatile meat ever. Let me illustrate:

1. Bacon as a noun... "I love bacon". Definition: What pigs are made of (close enough).
2. Bacon as a verb... "Let's go baconing". Definition: Hunting or searching for bacon.
3. Bacon as an adjective... "You smell so bacony". Definition: The essence of being bacon.
4. Bacon as an adverb... Baconingly. Please don't ask me to use it in a sentence or for a definition... just don't :-)

Bacon is just as at home as the salty side of a sweet and salty dessert (eg. Log Cabin's bacon maple donuts) as it is in a savory dish (eg. The Burger Dive's Mushroom Bacon Cheeseburger). Can't wait to see what both of these places cook at Beartooth Harley Davidson's Billings Baconfest on Saturday November, 15th at the Holiday Inn's Montana Convention Center from 11-3.

For more information and/or tickets click here.

Special thanks to RC Refrigeration for keeping bacon cool.

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