Wouldn't every man like to know how well they performed in bed? Well, now there is an app for that.

Fellas all wondered at one point or another, "how well did I do?" when the deed was done, and Lulu was invented for that very purpose. In fact, the app is so wildly popular among millennials it's been reported that nearly 1 in 4 women have perused through the site already.  

How can you find out which man is best in bed in Montana? Well, sadly, Mashable revealed the one man with the highest rankings in every state over the weekend, but due to privacy reasons has decided to pull the links from their article. Still, we are pretty sure you can do some research on your own by downloading the app.

For what it is worth, the man they pegged as "best in bed" in Montana wasn't even living in our state at the present time! Happy hunting.

Regardless, many men have bragged about their rankings online and ladies do seem to take these scores into consideration before accepting a first date.

Would you use an app to see how well you perform? Have you tried the app and had much success with it? Tell us in the comments below.

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