Sometimes, staying in a hotel on a long road trip can be expensive, but you need to sleep at some point. So, you decide that sleeping in your car for the night will not only save you money but will protect you from the elements. However, some states prevent you from sleeping in your car due to city and state ordinances. Does Montana not allow using your front seat as a bed? The answer depends.

Mainly, It Depends on Where You're Parked

There isn't a law preventing sleeping in your car in Montana. However, you can't sleep in a moving vehicle; that would be a whole other issue entirely. So, you've got to park somewhere to sleep. Where you park that vehicle determines the legality. For example, you can't typically park your vehicle on private property. This includes parking lots after hours because it belongs to the business or building owner.

However, you're perfectly allowed to park and sleep in your car in places like rest areas, as it gives drivers a place to decompress while driving long distances. However, rest areas in Montana forbid overnight stays. So, you're unable to sleep for the night. But a quick nap before you get back on the road helps alleviate drowsiness, which could save your life and the lives of others on the road.

There's Also Another Place You Can Park and Sleep

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With permission from the store manager, Walmart generally allows people to sleep overnight in their parking lot as long as it's in a car or an RV. However, we stress that you'll need permission from the store manager to do so. Otherwise, it's still considered private property and illegal. So, make sure you have the approval of the Walmart you're staying at.

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The short story is that driving when tired is absolutely not something you should do. So, make sure you find a rest area, or a local Walmart parking lot, to sleep in. Just make sure you follow their rules and get permission if you plan on sleeping in any parking lots. Other than that, there's no law in Montana preventing you from sleeping in your car. Get some rest!

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