If Democrats thought they had one issue going for them heading into the November elections, it was the topic of trade and tariffs.

But even that topic isn't a winner for Democrats, as CNBC is reporting that "farmers stand by Trump." 

Here's an excerpt from the story:

As farmers figure out how to absorb the shocks of global trade disputes, they're not taking out their frustration on President Donald Trump. Since May, Trump's approval rating among rural voters has remained intact or improved, according to Morning Consult polling data exclusive to CNBC.

Of the 19 agriculture-heavy states surveyed by Morning Consult for CNBC, 11 showed Trump's approval rating rising during the sample period of Jan. 1 through July 22. In seven states, it remained stagnant. And in one, Idaho, it showed support eroding from 64 percent to 59 percent.

Watch the CNBC report below:

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