The need for charitable diaper donations has climbed dramatically in Billings.

I see a lot of press releases in my inbox every week. I do read all of them and if I find them interesting I'll pass the information on to you. Occasionally I'll read a press release that really raises my eyebrow, and today (6/1) was one of those days. I was skimming through paragraphs when I read this stat: the need for free diapers in the Billings area has climbed a mind-blowing 233% from 2020 to 2021.

Imaging used with permission Family Promise Yellowstone Valley
Imaging used with permission, Family Promise Yellowstone Valley

From 90,000 - to 300,000 diapers in just one year.

I spoke with Felicia Burg, who leads the Community Diaper Bank at Family Promise of Yellowstone Valley, wondering what may have caused the giant rise in demand for free diapers (I mean, it's not like there were 233% more babies born in Billings). Burg noted some other factors that may explain why there has been such a big demand.

  • More situational issues, such as losing a job or in between jobs.
  • A changing demographic of their recipients. Burg said they're seeing a lot more parents that have always been working, but now their paychecks simply aren't going far enough. Inflation is really hurting a lot of people.
  • More people are discovering the Community Diaper Bank. As word spreads, more people are able to utilize their services. In the past few years they've seen the number of free diapers climb from 20,000 to 50,000, then 90,000 in 2020. They were not expecting 2021s need to hit 300,000 and are anticipating 2022 year-end numbers to be much higher.
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Imaging used with permission Family Promise Yellowstone Valley
Imaging used with permission, Family Promise Yellowstone Valley

Join the United Way's Day of Action on June 21, and donate diapers.

Pam Anderson at United Way of Yellowstone County told me about their annual Day of Action, held each year nationwide on the longest day of the year. For the past several years they've chosen the Family Promise Community Diaper Bank as their benefactor. You can help this year by donating diapers on June 21st at the United Way office at 2173 Overland Ave. Western Security Bank is also accepting diaper donations at seven Billings area branches from June 13 to 17. Cash donations are always welcome. You contact Family Promise to learn more.

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