MSUB says ‘Welcome to the next big thing.’  Montana State University Billings will be hosting two new classes this spring and summer for beginners and intermediate skill levels of drone operation.  Nerd alert; It’s not flight school– don’t wear a jumpsuit…
The university announced a beginners’ class in May and a more advanced class in July.  Registration is open for both.  The small, buzzing contraptions are all the rage, having become popular in activities ranging from recreational videography to official search-and-rescue operations.  The Gazette reports the first class is called “Drones for Dummies” and, as the name implies, it’s geared toward novice users.


The university says drones for use in the class are included in the fee.  The instructor will be Aaron Wilson, who runs a drone sales company, and is knowledgeable about the legalities of drone usage.

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