Environmental regulations are hindering the Border Patrol's efforts to secure the border from drug and human smugglers, as The Daily Caller reports.

In some cases, Border Patrol agents may know where illegal crossings occur or where smugglers or other operatives are located, but can’t reach them quickly, because the areas either can’t be accessed with vehicles or aren’t allowed to be. Instead, agents are often forced to intervene on foot or on horseback.

In fact, more than 80 percent of the 262-mile section of the border around Tucson, Ariz. – one of the areas Westerman visited – is on federal land, according to the congressman. The Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge is located to the south of Tucson and west of Nogales, Ariz. – the second area Westerman visited. There are also state preserves east of Nogales.

You may recall that the border became a topic of contention during the 2012 US Senate race here in Montana, as then-Congressman Denny Rehberg highlighted the gaps in border patrol coverage on federal lands.

Meanwhile, Politico is reporting that Democratic Senator Joe Manchin out of West Virginia appears to be supporting President Trump's immigration overhaul.

Per Politico:

Among other red-state Democrats facing difficult reelection battles, Sen. Jon Tester of Montana said Tuesday that he would oppose the White House framework, and Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri declined to address the issue.

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