Did it seem to you that there was a girl scout on every corner this weekend? There might have been. This weekend marked the opening of “Girl Scout Cookie Season”….you know that time of year when the cute little girls with big smiles and toothless grins hold  up their signs that beg you to buy cookies. Then when you pull into the parking lot, they swarm on you like a bee at a picnic!

I was suckered in today. After resisting the urge all down 24th and most of Grand, I got the urge for Thin Mint cookies. I blame my Mom – but that’s a different blog.

The Girl Scouts from Troop 2282 have the CVS parking lot claimed as their turf. And the four little girls that helped me were very serious business women. Reminding me that they “would be there next weekend” if I needed more.

Resistance is futile…give in now. Maybe we’ll buy them all out this weekend and end the “Girl Scout Cookie Season” early. I think the Moms would like that…


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