Politico was complaining in their "Playbook" Tuesday morning that President Trump delivered some "insensitive comments about Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) at a fundraiser in Palm Beach, 'comparing the Democrat's appearance to that of a pregnant woman."

Here's the really cool part about that story, which was first reported by The Washington Post: President Trump hinted at doing an event here in Montana with Texas Congressman and Navy Admiral Ronnie Jackson (R-TX).

I read the full quote from Trump that was reported by the Post, and it looks as though Trump was joking about how Democrats believe men can get pregnant.

Conservative strategist Alex Bruesewitz, who was recently in Montana, also joked about Tester's size, along with Tester's support of Joe Biden's open border policies. According to The Post, he said, "If Jon Tester really wanted to secure the border, he could just go stand at the border. He would cover 85 percent of it."

As I first reported, Bruesewitz was in Missoula when he asked if "Big Sandy" was Jon Tester's "drag name."

Here's the full line from Alex's speech:

How are we doing Montana. So I just heard something. I have a question. Is "Big Sandy Jon Tester's drag name? Does anybody know? Is it a town? I don't know. I guess we'll leave it up to the fake news to investigate.

Here's my take: I think Montanans don't have a big problem with Jon Tester's weight or his size. Some may have even found it endearing, in the past at least. But now- his size is symbolic of the fact that he is a Washington fat cat who is living high on the hog in DC while Montanans suffer under his inflationary policies back home. While people in Montana can't afford groceries, Tester racked up over $1.2 million in restaurant bills at fancy Washington, DC restaurants like the Bistro Bis and the Bistro Cacao.

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