The Missoula Police Department is getting involved with Special Olympics. Sargent Mark Horner is a mentor to one of the athletes and he explains what that entails.

"You go through a program with an athlete and they are trained on how to get up and speak in front of large groups," said Horner. "We are trained to basically be their support system. They go in front of different organizations and volunteer groups. It is usually just a three to five minute talk about their lives and how they are impacted by Special Olympics and what the people in the audience are doing to impact their lives by volunteering."

Horner became a mentor at the end of last year and his athlete has already given around 10 talks since then. He talks about how rewarding it is to work with these athletes.

"It is basically a bonding of yourself with an athlete," Horner said. "My athlete and I have a really good bond. It is just a privilege being around these athletes because they give you so much and you don't even know it until it is all over with. How much you have learned, it makes you grounded. We are actually going to be doing the unified golf together at the state times for the first time this coming May which is going to be a lot of fun."

Special Olympics will be holding many events all around Montana in the upcoming months and members of the community are encouraged to volunteer.

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