Tomorrow is Super Tuesday and primary contests will be raging in many states as polls open in the morning. While Montana won’t get to vote until June, Montana Secretary of State Linda McCulloch said the state will have its fair share of contested primaries.

"In the Senate, we have eight primary battles, five of those are Republican and three are Democrat," McCulloch said. "In the House, we have 18 races that have a primary. 14 are Republican and four are Democrat."

Judging from her own personal experience, McCulloch said many candidates will wait till the last minute to register.

"It's actually kind of early because the legislature just moved up the primary filing deadline by about two weeks," McCulloch said. "We usually get quite a lot at the end. In one of my legislative races, I didn't have an opponent through the whole filing period until five minutes until 5 p.m. on the deadline day."

The final date to register in Montana was moved to March 14.

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