Now they're trying to kick school resource officers out of the schools. These people are insane. And as John Jackson was quick to point out via Twitter, they're not just trying to kick school resource officers, they're already doing it.

I read a couple headlines on the Bozeman Daily Chronicle's website Wednesday morning. One headline read, "Residents ask Bozeman city commission to redistribute police budget."  Given the Seattleization of Bozeman and Missoula, I guess it is still shocking, yet not a surprise, that hundreds of residents are calling to cut the funding for the police department.

But here was the headline that I really couldn't believe I was reading in a Montana paper: "Officials plan to keep police in Bozeman schools."

Officials plan to keep police in Bozeman schools. Wait, so this is even a question being asked of our school superintendents? Apparently so.

Portland, Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis- every single one of those cities have already moved to pull police from schools, according to The Washington Post added this:

Several other districts are considering similar moves, and others are under pressure to take action: Students in Phoenix have started a petition to remove police from campuses, and young people in New York and Chicago have taken to the streets to demand police-free schools. The Chicago Teachers Union backs their effort.


We've seen offers to install free metal detectors here in Montana rejected by some schools. We've seen efforts to allow trained teachers or other school personnel to carry firearms rejected. Instead of supporting more school safety measures, the radical Left is now kicking school resource officers out of the schools. The same radical Left that tries to take advantage of every crisis to take away your 2nd Amendment rights.


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