Which would you rather do: clean the bathroom, clean the garage, or do your taxes?

Suppose most folks would choose one of the first two.  Taxes are an annual pain in the... well you know.  And the regulations change nearly every day!  Would you like some assistance to get this chore done easier?

AARP has provided Tax-Aide, a service for seniors and low-to-moderate income taxpayers, since 1968, over 50 years.  While more complex returns should be prepared by accounting professionals, AARP can help with basic, no-frills taxes prep.  Their website is...

Users can arrange for a nice volunteer to come to the home to prepare the tax return in a single visit.  Computer-savvy users can input their information into the Tax-Aide software and a volunteer will prep the return remotely.  And really techy folks can use the software to prepare their tax returns without any assistance at all.  This service is adaptable to the needs of each participant.

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Wait a Minute.  Who can use the Service?

You may has assumed that since this is from AARP, only seniors and/or only members can us Tax-Aide.  That's not accurate.  Anyone can utilize this service to prepare their returns.  They focus on people 50 years or older, or with low to moderate income, with relatively simple finances.

Now if you have a small business with employees, a farm or ranch, complicated investment income, cryptocurrency investments or any other unusual circumstances, then you really should have a tax professional do the work.  AARP has volunteers trained by the IRS up to a point.  Any more complex, and you really need the expertise of someone with CPA after their name.

What do I need to bring?

If you scroll down to the bottom of the Tax-Aide home page, there is an option of "What to bring".  Click the Learn More button under that, and a handy list is provided.  It is essential that you have as much of the documents listed as applies to your financial situation.  I suggest having it all in one folder or box, ready to present when the nice volunteer visits with you.

Okay, what is the cost for Tax-Aide?



That's right, it's a free service.  No charge whatsoever.

I can say bye now since you want to click on the link above.  Have a Great Day.

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