As a contender for the number 1 spot of "Food Lover" at TSM Billings, I'd say I know my way around the Billings foodie scene. Burgers, Sushi, Steak, Soup, Salads, Gyros, Subs, Pizza... you name it, I know a kickin' spot for lunch or dinner!

One thing I looked forward to moving here in 2019 was FOOD TRUCKS. Eastern Montana at the time didn't have any, and the Food Truck boom was just starting here in Billings to take off.

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As rated by Yelp

Full disclaimer: The following are straight from, based on reviews by Yelp users. Some information will be out of date.

  • Fat Taco - 4/5
  • Montana Melt - 5/5
  • La Taqueria MT - 2.5/5
  • Smokey Bones BBQ - 5/5
  • Khanthaly's Eggrolls - 5/5
  • Bayou City Catfish - 5/5
  • Cajun Phatty's - 4/5 (Now a brick and mortar)
  • Noodles O'Brien - 5/5
  • Lil Red Wagon - 3/5
  • Santanahs - Unrated

You know I enjoy talking about myself, and REALLY love food. Here's my top spots, personal favorite items, and official "Joshies" rating.

The Mac Shack - 5/5 Joshies

My first experience here was a long wait in the sun, but if you know anything about Food Trucks... a long line = worth the wait. And (as the grandparents would say) holy cats it is worth it! My favorite is the Chicken Bacon Ranch Mac. Though, I hear the Buffalo Mac is equally amazing! Here's their Menu.

Lil' Red Wagon - 4.5/5 Joshies

The food here reminds me of childhood. My dad was always big on quick, easy and delicious food. Lil' Red Wagon is just that. It's a toss up between the Cheesesteak Sandwich and the Steak Nachos for me. Usually super quick to get your food too! Here's the Menu.

Opa Grill - 4.5/5 Joshies

Admittedly, I had not tried Opa Grill until the Montana Fair in 2021. My friend, who knows the whole crew at Opa, insisted I get their authentic Greek food for lunch. I did, and it was WORTH IT. Admittedly, I know diddly squat about Greek food... but I'll gladly chomp through their Chicken Gyro. Here's the Menu.

Tup Tim Thai - 4/5 Joshies

This truck goes to a LOT of events, and is the best Thai food at all of them. Hands down. I keep it simple, and grab the Pad Thai. Here's the Menu.

Santanahs - 4.5/5 Joshies

THE BUBBA. Need I say more? I don't know what magic is inside the meat, but I always want more than one. Sides? Ruffles Chips, and you'll like it. My favorite is the classic Bubba.. but add bacon. Here's the Menu.

Camp House BBQ - 4/5 Joshies

The best BBQ Truck. Fight me. Camp House BBQ is not only THE go to BBQ truck, but their sides are equally amazing. Last time I caught up with them, I had to get the Smoked Brisket with BBQ Beans. Here's the Menu.

There's my choice for grub here in Billings! Maybe someday we can talk about the trucks I have yet to visit... but absolutely NEED to. Get out, grab a bite, and support our vivid food truck community!

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