Now that the legend, Pickle Barrel, is no more... we've compiled a new and fresh hit list of Sub Shops here in Billings just for you, and the Flakes, to enjoy. No particular order here, just a mix of my favorites and the top-rated online.

lisa sandwich
Lisa's Sandwich Den

Lisa's Sandwich Den

I'll admit. After almost four whole years in Billings, I have yet to try the homemade sandwiches at Lisa's Sandwich Den. However, I keep hearing nothing but amazing and rave reviews of this legendary downtown location.


TOPZ Sandwich Company

One I can vouch for, and one that has seen astronomical growth since its inception, TOPZ Sandwich Company. FRESH is their name and game... and if you don't get queso with your sandwich, we cannot be friends. Ham Slamwich or Colby's Chicken Salad are my favs.

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Staggering Ox

One location I, again, have yet to visit (weird hours sadly) but once again is loved by many, Staggering Ox. Fresh ingredients, bread, plenty of options, and sauces. May want to order double meat, however.

attachment-great harvest bread

Great Harvest Bread Company

When you want the BEST in fresh bread, with fresh ingredients and more, try out Great Harvest Bread Company. Love it. When I first moved here, there was a location right off of grand avenue. Sadly that location is closed, but I still make it a point to visit the Poly location nearby. Delicious.


Chalet Market

I saved my favorite for last, so you could say I treat it as the best. Chalet Market, the First Interstate Bank Tower location, is PRIMO. Any sandwich you get from them is a winner, but I choose the unique Berrylicious Turkey Sub with Raspberry Jalapeno jam. So. So. GOOD.

There you have it. Yes, the Pickle Barrel was a legend. But... memories live on, legends do not. Time to find a new favorite... Try Chalet.

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