Uh oh! Cans of SpaghettiOs have been recalled in Montana. According to Montana DPHHS Food and consumer safety section control supervisor Ed Evanson, The famous canned spaghetti meal from Campbell’s soup may cause choking risks.

"We were notified by the FDA that Campbell's soup is voluntarily recalling the 14.2 oz cans of SpaghettiOs, with the February 22, 2017 date on them," Evansons said. "We know that they were shipped to Montana... sounds like they were shipped to every major outlet in the state."

Montana DPPHS officials have been working with stores to collect the cans and Campbell’s soup is offering full refunds. The cause for the recall is a manufacturing defect.

"There are little pieces of plastic that are breaking off," Evanson said. "It is part of the can lining. They are red plastic bits are breaking off into the SpaghettiO's and then children, or whoever is eating the SpaghettiO's can consume those."

No Montanans have reported any injuries and the recall was voluntarily declared by Campbell’s soup. To reiterate, the only cans being recalled are the 14.2 oz cans with an expiration date of February 22, 2017.

All in all, 355,000 cans were recalled nationwide.

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