Mysteries are intriguing to many people. It may have something to do with the nature of the crime, the people involved, or maybe a little of both. In a way, cold cases are the most extreme of mysteries; murder cases that have gone unsolved for many years due to either conflicting sources, remote locations, or just a general lack of information. Here in Yellowstone County, we've seen our fair share of high-profile mysteries and murders, but did you know that there's a dedicated unit of volunteers that help solve these cold cases?

The Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office Cold Case Unit was founded in 2012.

According to the Cold Case Unit website, the establishment of the CCU was done on the volunteer support of Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office detectives, retired investigators, Reserve Deputies, a crime analyst, and forensic experts. The cases that they investigate date back to 1973, and with new forensic tools and the changed minds of people involved in these cases, they have been able to solve two of the nine cases listed on their website, the murders of Miranda Fenner and Linda and Clifford Bernhardt. The public's assistance in solving these cases is highly encouraged.

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There are seven cold cases that remain to be solved.

The CCU urges anyone to submit any information that may be significant to the rest of the cases, and any information you submit may be done anonymously. If you have any information regarding the following cases, you can call the CCU's 24-hour hotline at 406-869-3530.

Cold Cases in Yellowstone County You Can Help Solve

The Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office Cold Case Unit is dedicated to finding any information that can bring killers to justice for cold cases dating back to 1973. Here are the open cold cases in Yellowstone County as of the beginning of 2022. Each photo links to a YouTube video with more details regarding the case.

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