The parked cars filled the property, ran along the road on both sides, and even spilled onto the neighbors' space.

Bearded Viking Mead opened the gate on May 3rd and welcomed over 800 visitors on their first day.  The ribbon cutting featured all ten of the Veteran partners.  Samples of their first four meads sold for $5 a glass or a flight of five for $25, giving guests an appreciable amount of each in the available inventory, plus one of choice.

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Credit: JT "Viko" Robertson
Credit: JT "Viko" Robertson

What is JT Doing??

This looks similar to christening a ship.  Had to research this.  The Vikings were among the first cultures to enact ship-launching ceremonies, giving sacrifices to the gods for a safe journey.  This may be a similar gesture for good fortune for the new business.

The first night revelers felt no chill because a roaring bonfire heated the air.

Stopped by on Sunday and tried the Oh-G.  For those who never tasted mead, this is an excellent introduction to the drink.  It has a light sweet taste that doesn't overpower.  My son bought a bottle of the Utagli, the apple pie mead for the stronger sweetness.

Feeling adventurous?  Then try the Hylli, with a jalapeno flavor at first, then a raspberry finish and a soft burn down the gullet.  Named for the Norse warrior god, Tyr is a pear mead with a cinnamon hint and a clove & honey taste upon swallowing.

The Bearded Viking has racks of bottled mead in all four flavors for $25/bottle.  This can become the trendy gift this holiday season.

You can learn more about Bearded Viking Mead at their website, Hours of operation are limited, 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Shipping is possible to 40 states.

Please don't drink and drive.  And don't drink and throw axes.

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