Today I take a look at things I am truly thankful for. Even though my life isn't luxurious, I have a pretty substantial list. A big part of what I am thankful for is living in such a great community. I'm not saying that to win favor with the masses, I have proof in the video above.

The first four minutes of the video feature a chat with Mark and Paul, which you may have already seen. After that, you will get a glimpse of some of the volunteers that make this event a success. What is so inspiring about an event like this is that it is a reminder of what good can be accomplished by a group of people focused on a goal. I'm sure that within this group of people there are different political views..different religious views and a whole list of other viewpoints that we may disagree on. But with events like Flakesgiving, none of that matters. We all just want to do our part to help as many families as possible.

I'm thankful that Mark and Paul started this event back in 1989 and I'm thankful for the hundreds who have kept it going for all of these years. To anyone who made a donation, unloaded a truck, packed a box, made a delivery, or helped in any other way, thank you.

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