I asked Forrie Smith what they have coming up for him in season 5 of Yellowstone, especially after the whoopin' they put on him in season 4. Forrie Smith plays the popular character "Lloyd" on the hit TV show Yellowstone. He says Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan told him he is "turning up the heat" in season 5.

Forrie also joked about how the fight scene in season 4 was nothing compared to some of the fights he's been in inside the rodeo arena. He said the fight from Yellowstone "washed off in the shower."

But then, just as we were about out of time on the radio, he started telling this great story about some of the fights he faced inside of the rodeo arena. He was in Cardston, Alberta when this horse starts dragging and kicking him all around the arena.

Forrie Smith: All the guys come running out in the arena and herded the horse over in a corner and he jumped and kicked and kicked me on the other side of the head and...he kicked me on the other side of the face, blacked my other eye, put a streak, I had racing stripes down my chest. And for a week I'd have to get up and feel my way to the bathroom and wash the matter out of my eyes so I could get them open. And so that was that was a little worse than what they did to me on Yellowstone. And that was of my own choosing, getting on bucking horses.

Here's the audio as he finishes the story in his own words.

By the way, Forrie was joining us on the radio to promote the big fundraiser for the Montana State University rodeo team. They have their big gala coming up on March 5th, which is now sold out. However, you can still donate to the rodeo team by contributing through their website, or purchasing silent auction items. Here's the website for you to show your support: https://MSURodeo2022.givesmart.com  

For those of you "Lloyd" (Forrie Smith) fans out there. Check out this "Life According to Lloyd" compilation video. There's some classics in here:


And for those of you who wonder why "Lloyd" looks so familiar:

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