Another busy week as we wrap up with farmer finishers.

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We had to set one listener straight on all the things we are for. Taxes were the big issue especially when it comes to recreational-related stuff. This morning in the paper there was an article about the new rec centers they want to build, $143 million worth.

A Mayor's Money

Mayor Bill Cole stepped up and pledged $500,000 to the project. Great! I'm glad when they raise money for these kinds of things. However, the mayor also said that we haven't built a new park here in almost a half of century. That's a huge lie, in fact, I can think of some right off the top of my head.

You Want Parks? We've Got Parks.

We built Dehler Park (2008) as a community gathering place. We have one right below us that was built... and that's the Billings Skateboard Park (2004) for the kids. I can remember the new splash park that was built for the kids about ten years ago. We also built the new Amend Park complex with soccer fields and the works.

That's four that I can think of and I'm sure there's probably some I've missed over the last 50 years. Things like Disk Golf etc. I know there's more.

About Your Furry Friends

One more note... is there really any dog that should be banned. The American Bulldog is soon to be banned in Britain. Is the dog that way because of the breed or the dog's owner? Every dog can be that way based on their treatment, so I think a little more research is needed... Have a great weekend.

We'll see you Monday at 5

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