Montana Marijuana Sales In July

People in Montana continue to purchase and consume both legal recreational marijuana and medicinal marijuana at an amazing rate.

So much so in fact that the industry just had its best month ever in July.

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How much marijuana was purchased in Montana in July?

According to the Montana Cannabis Control Division, licensed stores sold a grand total of $28,552,001 during July.

Of that, $23,505,205 was bought by people buying on the recreational side of things.

That means $5,046,795 was bought by those who have their medical marijuana card.

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Record Setting Month For Montana Marijuana Sales

That $28.5 million worth of marijuana sold in July beat the previous record, set in March of 2022, by almost $1.5 million.

At this point, I have feeling there is no putting the toothpaste back in the tube when it comes to marijuana in Montana.

Sales are too high, the tax windfall is too much, (even if it isn't going to where we were promised in the beginning) and so far we haven't seen any of the arguments against it come to realization.

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How Much Money Has Been Total Made On Marijuana Sales In Montana?

Since January of 2022 when marijuana became legal for recreational purposes, Montana residents have purchased $487,540,676 worth of marijuana.

That has resulted in $76,488,403 in taxes for the state.

With that amount of money generated hopefully means we can put to bed the idea that only people buying marijuana in Montana are lazy stoners.

If you'd like to see more of the marijuana sales numbers check out the Montana Cannabis Control Division website here.

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