The Flip-Flop Flat Top pretend moderate Senator from Montana is back at it again- this time when it comes to student loan debt. The funniest thing about this latest flip-flop is that even the Democrats are openly telling their people not to worry about it, because nothing is going to happen anyway.

Liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) is up for re-election in 2024, so he is already beginning to flip-flop in an effort to look more moderate ahead of an election cycle where he is considered a top target as Republicans hope to take back the US Senate.

In case you missed it, there was a pretty entertaining thread on Twitter recently. It started with a tweet from Manu Raju, CNN's Chief Congressional Correspondent. He pointed out how the Senate, in a 52-46 vote, had shot down Biden's student loan forgiveness program. Tester was one of 3 Democrats to vote against it.

"Sinema and Manchin are predictable...but Jon Tester? Seriously disappointing," commented one liberal on Twitter. That's when Jacquie @MTorganizer, an account that frequently spouts MT Dem talking points, had to reassure him. "It's an election year. POTUS will veto and the Dem 'no' votes know that."

In other words, it's all phony and we all know it.

It's also another flip-flop from Tester who earlier backed a student loan debt forgiveness plan in 2020. Check out the press release from Tester's own office.

Why would Tester want to appear to be opposing student loan forgiveness ahead of 2024? Because his pollster knows how much working men and women in Montana despise it.


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