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They have their own little slice of heaven in Lustre, Montana. That's how I looked back on the great time we had at Schmeckfest and all of the great people that filled the gym at the Lustre Christian High School this past Friday night.

Here's a look at some of the food and the people at Schmeckfest...and the gym kept filling up. The video does not do justice for how good the food was, and I'm kicking myself for not taking a photo of the plate that I put together.

Credit Becca Reddig
Credit Becca Reddig


There were so many great folks we ran into from Glasgow, Wolf Point, Lustre and the entirety of NE Montana that I wish we had gotten pictures with more folks- especially the Reddig family and others who helped put on the event.

As you can see from the photos below, we ran into some of our radio listeners in Lustre too. It was great to see "Dan from Vida." His son Justin has another radio show in Billings so we had a good time joking around about that. Justin, aka McLovin, also got to fly with the Blue Angels as I did when they were in Billings. As he got ready to take off in the jet, he told me, "be a good son to my father." Hilarious.

I also ran into Gus from Montana PBS who was there filming for an upcoming program. For those of us who went through the University of Montana's Radio TV Department...Gus is one of the great folks we got to learn from over the years.

Speaking of Montana PBS, they are featuring another one of our radio listeners- "Denver in Poplar"- in a new documentary highlighting his 40 years of service as a referee in Montana sports. We enjoy chatting with Denver on the phone lines from time to time. While we don't agree on everything, it was great seeing him and his lovely family in Lustre. Congrats on your retirement Denver!

Schmeckfest in Lustre, Montana 2024

We finally made it to "Schmeckfest" in Lustre, Montana.

Gallery Credit: Aaron Flint


Also- if you missed our coverage from the Farm Expo in Plentywood, here you go.

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