A while back I posted a speculative job description for a ranch hand in Montana.  Perhaps I should have made one sentence more prominent: "What would a job posting for a ranch hand say?"

For anyone interested in the original article, just click on the link below.

First of all, a Little Apology to our Ranch Hand and his Wife

I learned at a branding soon after my article that their social media blew up with messages: "Are you quitting the ranch?" "Are you retiring?"  Oops, had a little Orson Welles' War of the Worlds moment.  I'm happy to report that they intend to stay with the family operation for at least another couple years.  And the family has been blessed for their active involvement and downhome sense for our business.  Sure, I'll advocate for a raise (oh boy, I'm about to step into it again).

Evening round up at the end of the day.
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Folks Responded

Right out of the gate the next morning, a gentleman named Patrick asked, "How do I apply?"

That afternoon, Carey admitted, "All I can say is I wish I was 45 years younger! This sounds like the opportunity of a lifetime!"

The next day, Randy sent a nice message: "If I saw this 30 years ago, I would have applied."  He included his qualifications, "Love horses, I had 9 at one time, I trained for search & rescue, parades, plus joy rides."  He signed it "A Cowboy at heart ❤️"

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I Received a Response from Ecuador!

A gentleman named Gary ardently advocated to work in Montana.  "There's no job I won’t do, I’ll even do the dishes!"  He revealed the wonderful motivation for returning to this state.  "A few years ago while driving to Alaska I was driving through Montana and it was the most beautiful and amazing place I’ve ever seen. That’s why when I saw your post on the website I responded. It was maybe a chance to come up there and work in my retirement."

Gary, good buddy, you don't need a job.  You have the golden opportunity for the snowbird lifestyle.  Spend Spring through Fall in Montana, enjoy the hunting season, then escape to Ecuador before the temperatures drop below freezing.

(long pause)

...What a fabulous idea...

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