Recently my family and I met with our ranch manager, who has worked for us over twenty years and is in his seventies.  While he is happiest on horseback, he has suggested mentoring a younger cowboy in cattle maintenance.  That got me thinking.  What would a job posting for a ranch hand say?

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Wanted: Able-bodied Cowboy or Cowgirl

Live the freedom of Big Sky Country.  Ranch hand needed for yearling cattle operation in Rosebud County, Montana, encompassing multiple pastures and many square miles of open land.

Applicants must be physically fit and able to work in all conditions.  Duties include feeding cattle at 30 below and putting up hay at 100 degrees.  Must be able to fix corrals, mend fences and repair water gaps (and if you are asking what a water gap is, we will train you).  Must be proficient in doctoring steers and shoeing horses.  Fixing machinery with wire and duct tape is a plus.

Hours vary.  Workday starts shortly after dawn and may finish at 11:00 or may finish after dark.  Vacation time is dependent on circumstances, and we provide opportunities for fishing and hunting on property.  Sick time off depends on severity.  The sniffles should not prevent applicant from work, but we will understand for a broken leg.

Credit: Jon G. Fuller;Jr., TSM Media Center

Applicant is welcome to bring own horse, saddle and tack, and trailer, and/or four-wheeler.  We will provide fuel and feed.

Accepted candidate will work with veteran cowboy and former law enforcement officer.  Yes there will be a criminal background check.  Accepted candidate is expected to follow directions from said cowboy, and will have the opportunity to learn new skills towards future agricultural entrepreneurism.

Successful candidate must be ready and willing to put in a full day's work every day.  While time off during the day is always possible, depending on circumstances, modern or millennial work practices will not be tolerated.  This includes Quiet Quitting, Bare Minimum Mondays, and Mental Health Days Off.

If interested, please send resume to  Lee Ranch is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Any job duties I missed?

Please email suggestions to the address above.  I'm holding my breath for interested applications.

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