I raised the question earlier this week. With the defund the police movement gaining steam in major cities across the country like Minneapolis, Chicago, and New York- who would be most likely hurt as a result of that push? Black Americans of course. The very lives that the Black Lives Matter protesters claim to care about.

One of the other tragic stories from the riots that have engulfed several major US cities, is the destruction of small businesses, including black owned businesses. But in some instances, some of those same black owned businesses were able to be saved because responsible gun owners stood up to defend them.

The pandemic shutdowns already had many Americans on edge, and buying more guns. But now the rioting and the looting, combined with law enforcement being overwhelmed in many circumstances has more Americans across the board wanting to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

You've likely heard of the NAACP. Have you heard about the NAAGA? The NAAGA is National African American Gun Association (NAAGA). As the left-leaning Daily Beast reports, African Americans continue to buy guns at increasing numbers:

In 2014, 19 percent of black households had a gun owner, according to a study by the Pew Research Center. By 2017 (the latest data available) that number had grown to 24 percent. And NAGA estimates the percentage may now be even higher, considering the organization’s membership numbers this year: NAAGA, which started with one chapter in Atlanta in 2015, now has more than 100 chapters nationwide with 40,000 members. More than 10,000 of them, like Williams, joined this year, according to the group.


The Daily Beast highlighted a young African American single mom in Minneapolis who said she simply wants to be able to defend her son. Check out the full story by clicking here.

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