"It comes from the same liberal reporters that have lost their ability to tell the truth...anonymous sources." That's what Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke had to say about headlines in Politico suggesting that Zinke is preparing to leave the Trump Administration.

Zinke joined Aaron Flint on our statewide radio talk show- "Montana Talks"- during a live broadcast from the Montana Farm Bureau's annual convention.

Flint also asked Zinke if he would consider a run for Montana governor in 2020. Here's what Zinke had to say:

Zinke: You can hear it first on your show, I am not going to run for governor, we have some exciting candidates that I will support. I'm gonna continue doing this job, and doing good things. I love Montana. What a great state- what God's blessing has given Montana.  But I am not gonna run for governor. I think there's some great candidates out there and I look forward to supporting them.

*Update: following our interview with Zinke, Politico also reported that President Trump said he has no plans to fire Zinke.

Click below for the full audio:


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