First off, all of us at Cat Country 102.9 want to thank you for your outpouring of support to this fundraiser we lovingly call Flakesgiving. Your generosity has been overwhelming. We appreciate you.

Your willingness to help will assist thousands of families right here in the Billings area. This puts a major dent in the fight against hunger -- at least temporarily -- and also helps those that would not otherwise be able to celebrate Thanksgiving enjoy the holiday this year.

We look forward to this event and are happy that you do, too. It's the season and spirit of giving and it would never happen without you. There are many families that no doubt will want to thank you as well.

Thank you, Cat Pack. We love and appreciate you more than you will ever know.

This morning, Karen Gallagher, host of MIddays, talked with Mark and Paul, the Breakfast Flakes, about Flakesgiving. There have been questions about when and how did it start? How does it work? Who benefits from this project? If you have questions, we hope to answer those in this video. If there is something we missed, please call our front desk at 406-248-7827.


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