Q2 reports that two Billings children have been kidnapped by their non-custodial mother and are considered to be in danger. The Montana Department of Justice alert was issued before 5 p.m. on Monday, saying 4-year-old Mya Elizabeth Cleveland and 1-year-old Ryann Grace Cleveland, 1, were taken by Amanda Dobson.

Mya is described as 3 feet 9 inches tall, and 30 pounds with sandy colored hair. Ryann is 24 pounds and about 3 feet 2 inches, also with sandy colored hair. Dobson’s physical description from the earlier alert was incorrectly filled in by officials. The abductor, who was deprived of her parental rights, is known by authorities to be abusing methamphetamine. The vehicle she was driving and direction she was traveling are unknown.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Billings Police Department at 657-8461 or simply dial 911.

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