The Billings community is stepping into the ring and getting into the fight to raise money for a local gym destroyed in a recent fire near downtown.

The fire on Billings' east side damaged three different businesses, according to this report by Sam Wilson. Will Grundhauser, who owns The Grindhouse Mixed Martial Arts gym, says most of his family-owned business was destroyed by the fire. But now the community is stepping up and hosting at least two upcoming fundraisers to help get the gym owners back on their feet.

Grundhauser says a fundraiser is being organized through Western Security Bank. There's also an upcoming MMA fight show on December 15th at the Metra, and Grundhauser says the promoter will now use the event as a fundraising show for The Grindhouse. The Grindhouse trains professional and amatuer fighters, kids, housewives, and more. Grunhauser calls it a "special community."

"If people can come out to those fights, a portion of those proceeds will come to the fight."

There will be an additional fundraiser concert at the Pub Station on December 12th.

Click below for the full details, as Will joined us on our Montana Talks radio show with Aaron Flint:

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