Update: 11:40 - According to Campus Police, the lockdown has ended, however, it is still unclear if the individual with a rifle had been apprehended, or simply deemed not to be a threat.

According to an MSU Police officer a male was seen this morning, May 7, walking through MSU campus with a rifle.

"He was not actively shooting or anything like that," said Brit an officer with MSU at 10:15 a.m. "At this point in time we have officers searching buildings and Bozeman PD has a perimiter around campus, we're also searching mobile, but so far we've not located anyone."

The man was in the company of another individual, and there were "no other indications" as to the intents of the man with the rifle.

Students were sent emails and texts to stay off campus until the issue is resolved, here is one of the warning text messages:

"University Police received a report of two males carrying a black rifle across 11th Street heading toward the arch near the center mall of campus."

KGVO newspartner KECI has a description of the man with a rifle and his companion: The rifle bearer is described "as wearing a hunter orange hoodie," while the other is wearing a "gray/green jacket and a ball cap."

If you see anyone matching these descriptions call 994-2121.


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