With the announcement that Rep. Matt Rosendale will run for the U.S. Senate, forcing a primary contest with Tim Sheehy, Montana Republicans have been in a dust-up.  All the air in the room has been sucked into this one major race.  And yes, while it is an important election for a major seat that could rescue the whole country, it is NOT the only race in Montana.  And focusing on this one contest can blind the GOP to other critical state offices in play, which could starve Republican candidates of money and resources.

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Montana Talks host Aaron Flint launched into a three-minute rant over the party's nearsightedness.  In case you missed it, here is the audio.  Buckle up.

"....you get all excited about Congress and Senate. And meanwhile, the stuff right here in our own backyard is getting thrown in the trash can by liberal Supreme Court justices. And I don't hear you guys talking about the Supreme Court races right now. Because you're too busy infighting. You're too busy fighting amongst yourselves. Are you going to do that for the next four months?"

A State Representative Agrees

Aaron's verbal eruption prompted former State Representative Kerry White to add his own take on the disruption:

"And all the money's gonna be funneled over there, and we're gonna lose the land board. We could lose the House and Senate in the state. And I just want to remind people that, you know, Republicans seem to be eating their own."

Now for my personal take and question.  I keep hearing this message that Republicans need to unite.  "We must be united to (fill in the blank)."  Okay, I agree, but we must unite under what?  What are the principles that we the GOP should rally together around?

Think you have the answer to this?  Email me at travis.lee@townsquaremedia.com or leave a message on the Montana Talks app.  Thanks.


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