With the 2024 election season well under way, get ready for the proliferation of political attack ads on the TV and radio.  Started last fall and will only ramp up this spring and summer.

I have received numerous messages on the apps about these ads:

Why are you playing (name)'s ad on every commercial break?!  They're driving me nuts!

I can't stand these ads!!  He's lying through his teeth!

If you don't remove the %&#*ing ads, I'm gonna stop listening to your show!

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My father had a saying, "You're only as big as the smallest thing that makes you angry."  So this reaction perplexes me.  Viewers and listeners have their undies in a bunch over... commercials?

If this is you, I have a suggestion to help you cope with the onslaught.  It will be coming.

Dog with Coffee Cup
Credit: darak77, TSM Media Center

Place a coffee cup, drink tumbler or glass, bowl, pot or receptacle by your TV or radio.  Then keep some dollar bills or small change in your pocket or purse.

Every time a political attack ad appears on the screen or over the radio, and you feel your blood pressure rise, just drop a one-dollar bill into the cup.  Don't have any bills?  Substitute a quarter or two into the cup.  Only have a five or a twenty?  If there is cash in the cup, then drop in the larger bill and return the change to your pocket.

Travis, you idiot.  How does that help?  What do I do with the money?

When the general election comes close, that's the moment to act.  Count up the money in the cup, deposit the cash and write a check to the candidate of your choice, such as the target of the ads you couldn't stand.

The effect: while the PACs and the opposing candidate supporting the attacks ads run low on cash, if plenty of voters follow this practice, the candidate attacked will have a surge of campaign contributions to purchase airtime.  The tables turn as your side can flood the airways with their ads.  See how that works?

Suddenly you are okay with the negative attacks against your chosen candidate, because retribution is forthcoming.

If you don't want to give to a candidate, then donate the collected funds to the charity of your choice.

Romantic Senior Couple
Credit: Image Source Pink, TSM Media Center

Or...buy that bottle of Crown Royal you've always wanted.  Or...buy that fancy steak dinner.  Or...take your spouse on that romantic date.  You may find yourself actually smiling at those frequent political ads.  Heehee.

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