We have St. Patrick's Day coming up soon.  Are you familiar with him and other saints?  Let's find out with these trivia questions.  Scroll down for the answers.

1. According to legend, what did St. Patrick drive out of Ireland?

2. We know about Valentines Day. True or False: There is a St. Valentine.

3. True or False: Mary of Magdela, aka Mary Magdelene, is now a saint.

4. What is the name of the formal process where the Church declares someone a saint?

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5. St. Joan of Arc is a patron saint of what country?

6. His last name was Thaddaeus. The patron saint of desperate causes and the impossible, who is the saint associated with a children's research hospital?

7. St. Teresa of Calcutta received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. She is better known to us by what title and name?

8. True or False: St. Louis, Missouri is named for Saint Louis IX, King of France.

9. Yes, there was a St. Labre that the school is named after. True or False. The saint was Maria Labre, the wife of the chief of the Northern Cheyenne.

10. Patron saint of adopted children, lawyers, civil servants, politicians and difficult marriages, Thomas More was beheaded by what king, because More refused to acknowledge His leading his own church, nor the annulment from His first wife?

8 Things You Need in the Holiday Spirit of St. Patrick's Day

8 Things You Need in the Holiday Spirit of St. Patrick's Day

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the Answers

1.  Snakes

2.  True

3.  True

4.  Canonization

5.  France

6.  St. Jude

7.  Mother Teresa

8.  True

9.  False.  St. Labre is named for St. Benedict Joseph Labre, born in 1748 from Boulogne, France

10.  Henry VIII

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