Carolyn Sevier was appointed director of the Montana Audubon Center on January 2nd.  When she moved to Billings ten years ago, she remembers meeting with and being captivated by the founder’s mission for the 54 acre site in South Billings.  Sevier will carry on that mission as director of the nonprofit organization that seeks to help people of all ages to learn about nature, and connect with the natural world around them.



She officially took over the post Jan. 2.  Sevier was appointed interim director when Jonathan Lutz stepped down in November.  Sevier praised Lutz for his leadership in stabilizing the center after Darcie Howard, who resigned in June 2015 and later sued, claiming she was forced out of her position.  That lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice in May 2016.  Sevier worked as the center’s education coordinator.  She graduated from Carroll College in 2003 with degrees in environmental science and English.


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