Billings area retailers were easily losing millions of dollars each year due to shoplifters. But a new program developed by the Montana Retail Association, working in conjunction with the Billings Police Department, is starting to turn things around.

Coming up on Friday's "Montana Talks" with Aaron Flint: we'll talk with Brad Griffin, the president of the Montana Retail Association, and Sergeant Riley Finnegan with the Billings Police Department. They'll join us in the 8 o'clock hour of "Montana Talks."

Griffin developed a program called the Organized Retail Crime Alliance (ORCA), which is a public-private effort to fight repeat shoplifters. The problem is significant with area retailers easily suffering tens of millions in losses each year.  Of course, consumers pay for that with higher prices.What is driving the problem, are they making a difference, and how can other retailers join in on the effort? Tune in to Newstalk 95.5 and AM 970 KBUL Friday morning at 8 AM to find out.  We'll also share highlights during the 9 o'clock hour when we take you statewide with Montana Talks.

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