Released August 22nd, 2022

The Billings City Council has announced St. Vincent Healthcare, known also as SCL Health - Montana, has requested the City of Billings vacate a portion of 12th Street, and the complete alleyway, in order to build their new hospital building off of N 27th St.

Billings City Council

Why does St. Vincent need this?

According to St. Vincent Healthcare, they need this extra space in order to create one unified Healthcare building, rather than having it separated by the roadway, along with a brand new parking garage. Right now, the location is simply the St. Vincent Parking Lots.

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What will this cost the City of Billings?

Of the many factors the City of Billings has to consider, one of them includes the estimated property value of over $1 million, which SCL Health - Montana will need to pay the city. The Council Bulletin goes on to detail other issues:

  • Traffic and Transit
    • A study on the traffic impact has been completed and would be minimal. However, Billings MET Transit noticed they would expect an increase of traffic on 11th Ave N due to the 12th Ave being built over, increasing difficulty in routing options for fixed route service.
  • Utilities
    • Existing water, sewer, and storm drain utilities located within 12th street will be relocated at the cost of SCL Health - Montana.
  • Police
    • "No issues for PD." Said Police Chief St. John
  • Fire
    • Fire Marshall Bill Tatum pointed out

We have no issues with vacating the alley in the parking lot. Vacating 12th Ave. N. causes potential access issues, especially for a high-rise building (the hospital) and the ability to use our ladder truck in an emergency situation. Without a definitive site plan, it’s difficult to determine the extent of how the vacation would affect our operations.

Recapping the plans, and where is the city standing on it?

According to the City Council, concerns aside from the benefits of vacating a small portion of 12th Street N to allow for major new development outweigh the costs. If the City Council approves the vacation request, it remains valid for five years before expiration, giving SCL Health - Montana time to complete payment to the city for the property and begin hospital construction.

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