This past Saturday, I got the joy of going to Pet-O-Ween first thing in the morning at Shipton's Big R West on Gabel Road. Plenty of cool animals in sight, but sadly... I had to leave early thanks to a few technical difficulties. No matter, because at 5 PM... A Freddie Fowler Halloween would kick off at VW Kia of Billings on the corner of Shiloh and King. Candy, Costumes, Witches dancing around, and more!

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Who doesn't get excited about taking candy from Freddie Fowler?

Trunk or Treat 2022 at VW Kia of Billings
Josh Rath/Aaron Consalvi, TSM

You could tell the people were VERY excited to come and take candy from Freddie, Billings' most notorious radio personality, known for his wild and wacky radio advertisements.

We kid you not, THOUSANDS of people came through the lot this Saturday. Before 6 PM even hit, we had gone through HALF of our candy. Thankfully, Freddie had some spare in the back of a white Kia SUV.

Check out the gallery below for a look into our wild night at VW Kia with Freddie Fowler, and GET EXCITED!

Trunk or Treat at VW Kia of Billings! - Get Excited

Freddie Fowler invited Mix 97.1 our for Trunk or Treat, and we brought tons of treats (with a few tricks).

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