The Montana Historical Society has bestowed Heritage Awards to two Montanans for their dedicated work in finding and saving our state history.

Ellen Crain has worked in the Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives for over 32 years.  In that time she helped expand the Butte National Historic Landmark District with the wonderful period buildings.  To maintain the Archives, Crain spearheaded a capital campaign to raise $7.5 million to remodel and expand their building.  Co-Author of three books, she serves on the boards of the State Historical Records Committee and the Humanities Montana.

For her works, Ellen Crain received the highest honor, the Montana Heritage Guardian Award.

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Credit: Montana Historical Society
Credit: Montana Historical Society

On the Trail of Lewis and Clark

I wish I could have been with him on the field trips.

Ralph Saunders of Billings has researched and explored the probable campsites of Lewis and Clark and their Corps of Discovery along the Yellowstone River.  From his findings, he assisted in the development of an app so others in the vicinity can find these history-making spots.  Sorry, there are no marking on the trees that said "Lewis and Clark slept here."  He further created a program for 7th and 8th grade students to learn about the Expedition and what the Corps had to endure.

Saunders did not limit his focus to Lewis and Clark.  He further ascertained the exact routes of the Bozeman Trail throughout Montana.

For his endeavors, Ralph Saunders received the Montana Heritage Keeper Award.

The Montana Historical Society will sponsor the ceremonies and celebrations for Ellen Crain and Ralph Saunders in Butte and Billings respectively.

Talon Ranch, Twin Bridges, Montana

Talon Ranch, Twin Bridges, Montana

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